Numeravi Valuación y Análisis de Riesgos S.C.

Numeravi´s consultants transform risk management into a function that adds value to institutions, through mitigation, control and reduction of risks costs.


Insurance and Surety

The insurance and surety industry make a positive contribution to the growth of the country’s economy. Numeravi helps this industry to achieve a sustainable development through risk management.

Credit Institutions

The important work of credit institutions in the financial system is to contact suppliers and demanders of financial resources. Numeravi offers advice to mitigate their risks and therefore better manage their resources, making their operation more efficient.


Microfinance plays a relevant social function in the economy: Promote the development of the low-income segments of the population. Numeravi contributes with microfinance institutions to achieve this purpose, supporting its growth with effective risk management.


Numeravi offers computer systems, automation of solutions, identification and risk assessment methodologies, statistical models of loss estimation, as well as specialized training, among other solutions, that are adapted or built to satisfy the specific needs of each institution.

Risk measurement outsourcing

Risk measurement systems

Solvency II

Own Risk And Solvency Assessment And Dynamic Solvency Test

Credit Scoring


Operational Risk Management


Start Of Insurance Companies Operations

New insurance regulation Based on Solvency II

With the aim of strengthening risk control and mitigate exposure to losses that threaten compliance with the obligations that insurance and surety institutions have with their clients, extensive regulatory frameworks for risk management have been stablished, both internationally and locally:

  • The European Agreement of Solvency II.
  • The Insurance and Surety Institutions Law (LISF by its acronym in Spanish) and the Insurance and Surety Unique Circular (CUSF by its acronym in Spanish) in Mexico.

These new regulatory frameworks have significantly extended the risk management regulation to insurance and surety institutions, stablishing the obligations of:

  • Measure and manage their underwriting, credit, market, liquidity, mismatch, concentration and operational risks.
  • Satisfy a Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR) to guarantee, with a high level of confidence, their ability to cope with the losses caused by the risks which they are exposed. The requirement can be calculated with statutory models or institution’s internal models.